GARO – Vanishing Line #03 — Little Computer Shop of Horrors

October 24th, 2017


Feed me, Seymour.


Another mostly solid episode, if not particularly interesting to talk about. This one introduces another character and expands on some of the specific rules for horrors in this particular iteration. It does so a bit more organically than the previous episode, possibly because not-Fujiko is less of a foil to Sword than Whose-His-Face was and more of, well, Fujiko; the femme fatale who uses sex, deception, and blue balling on friend and foe alike. Not exactly breaking new ground, but it's a fun dynamic and keeps things about people kicking ass and taking names, not to mention continues to steer clear of a lot of exposition on her, her backstory, her likes and dislikes, favorite kind of soda, etc etc. A tease, if you will. Hell, you could probably do an episode just starring her car.

Which isn't to say there weren't things that could've been improved. I don't really get the point of the random grunt that it decided to focus on. I think it was just so that they'd have someone to ask why she saved the non-Horror'd baddie at the end, but even him doing that was nonsensical. You're part of the not-Mafia, buddy. You helped literally slaughtered an entire room of people. Now you're growing a conscience? It's almost like he was supposed to be the Seymour to the Audrey II, but they changed their mind. I would've liked it if Gina had gotten more of the spotlight fighting the AI-Horror too. She shot a little flare bullet thing, cut Whose-His-Face free, and then kind of just gave up. They also brought up its seeming semi-omniscience, and then it apparently got taken by surprise by essentially a frontal attack, before just going tentacle monster. A Fujiko character brings the expectation that they're playing the long con with an extra last second twist for her own personal glory, not just the plan as presented going off without a single hitch and especially not without using your own allies as bait/pawns.

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