A Sister’s All You Need #03 — Brought to You By A&W

October 24th, 2017


And montages. All the montages.


This did a fine job in making me suspect that last week's attempt at structure and a unifying theme was merely happenstance and an overly optimistic read on things. The entire first half is basically a retread and explicit stating of Blandy's existential angst that she's aimless compared to everyone else. Plus montage. Then the second is just random existential angst… plus another montage. Set to the same tune, even. Why, guys? Do you not even have multiple CDs to sell? Was the tedious repetition supposed to be a gag somehow? 

What it's only getting worse at is the lead character himself, and especially his interactions with the girls. They're trying to be cryptic about why he rejected Gives-Blowjobs-To-Random-Food, but I can't imagine their eventual reveal about it will be anything but more insubstantial drama made into a mountain. can think of some relatively deft ways to handle it, but they're still futzing up the basics. I don't trust them with the big picture. It is still doing a decent enough job of keeping the idiotic central thing of the title to knowing idiocy. By the end of this, they could probably do an entire episode of the weird-ass sister stories it comes up with and have a passable 10 minutes of comedy out of it. Lord knows I'd rather have had 10 more minutes of Romancing The Shark than moping around about ones place in life for no reason and with no movement towards anything, so what was the point of the episode at all?

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    “I can think of some relatively deft ways to handle it”

    by shooting him into the sun or am I aiming too high?

    • Aroduc says:

      We can call that plan A.

      • anise_punter says:

        I thought I would hate this going in, but the fanservice is so far over the top and ridiculous it can’t even remotely be confused for titillating (fellating an egg, really?) that its become weirdly watchable.