A Sister’s All You Need #02 — The Grass is Always Greener

October 15th, 2017


Thanks for the striptease.


This was a bit of an odd duck, and I wonder if someone hasn't been watching Western dramas. It's the backstories for all three characters, each one presented with the unifying theme of "The grass is always greener," which it has a character outright narrate at the end of it. Well, just the grass is greener part while it flips over each one thinking about what the others have. The kind of little summation monologue that you'd expect at the end of every Scrubs episode that ties a little bow on everything. Just having a unifying thematic element that the whole thing stuck to and some at least pretense of a structure and point to the episode is immensely laudable.

The problems, however, are numerous, starting with the lack of humor yet still making time for plenty of fanservice, including a particularly long striptease. At least take things up with the mirror-acting and walk in on him humping his own reflection. Mainly though, it took a severe twist for the melodrama, except not actual melodrama because nothing really happened in the episode. The stories themselves were all flashbacks, and piss poor ones at that. There was also a weighting issue. The least interesting one, the one that featured the protagonist being an irreparable douchetwat, yet the innocent girl falling for him anyway, is what got star billing. Meanwhile, the comically over-bullied girl got a four second unnarrated flashback montage. I'd rather a light touch like that, but we just sat through like three straight minutes of the protagonist we're supposed to connect with on at least some level with being the bully. The third arm, that of the gay author trying to play up his gayness on Instragram for better reviews, was just flat out explained before the flashbacks began to show that it truly was serious. Also not exactly enthralling. 

Don't get me wrong. It definitely wasn't a good episode, but it was bad in a somewhat unusual way, at least for something Japan created, and at least to me, interesting to write about for what it screwed up. 

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  • Fluffums says:

    Episode 2: A Striptease Is All You Need

  • dP says:

    Hey, I agree with our correspondent! This episode was a big improvement on episode 1 (in the sense that “2” is 4x as as good as 0.5) and showed some evidence of creativity, enough to keep me going watching the series. Still have no idea why the university student decided to stay with the asshole author MC after being called a slut despite his half-hearted apology. The hint is she feels her own life isn’t interesting and she wants to hang around with creativies who verbally and sexually abuse her, so masoschist author-groupie, but at least that hint was there…

  • FlameStrike says:

    Whoa, this post is such a departure from the usual tone that I did a double take haha. Usually the anime isn’t even interesting to write about, which says something about the quality of the shows.