A Sister’s All You Need #01 — Brain Teasers

October 8th, 2017


Someone's nowhere near as clever as they think they are.


It started off straight up porn, but got increasingly bizarre until the character was eating underwear, so it seemed like someone might have a vague understanding of humor. It would then spend the next few minutes dashing that hope against the rocks by reviewing the previous minute and explaining every single part of it. After all, the punchline isn't the (almost) parody. It's someone yelling that the thing is not normal. The rest of the episode would then be a bunch of idiots sitting around doing brain teasers. The awful kind. The "ordered seagull soup and then killed himself" kind. Because the only thing worse than being subjected to them yourself, is watching other people try to be funny with them. And by funny, I mean that every now and then, one would make a non-sequitur. Those would be what passed for jokes.

I will say that at least the white-haired girl was kind of amusing, so it's probably closer to an actual comedy than anything else I've seen this season. It does get weirdly weepy about her in the last couple minutes of the episode though, because all light novels have to be, apparently. Anyway, her non-sequitur schtick is to turn every conversation into an overt request for the protagonist's dick. On the humor scale, it only rises to the level of "That's what she said," and yet, compared to being yelled at, it's night and day. Or maybe it's just that the bar was set so low with the opening minutes. At the very least, it's far superior to the male lead shrieking incessantly about little sisters. Every other character may as well have been replaced by guinea pigs for all their contributed to the episode.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I think he initial scene is not only bizarre but absurd and out of place but worse, it does nothing for what this show is about.

  • The Phantom says:

    So the adult age in Japan is 20?, (the guy denying alcohol to the silver haired girl despite she being 18) that actually makes her a Jailbait lol, Since the guys is over 20 a sexual relationship with a 18 years old (minor) will be automatically ruled as Misdemeanor, and carries a hefty fine or a year in jail. Yikes.

  • kenuran says:

    If the initial scene was the actual series then it would have weird and crazy enough to be interesting. Seriously, for such a short scene it takes a lot of these terrible light novel setups and turns it on its head. For a second it reminds me of shows like Nurse Witch Komugi and the later seasons of Galaxy Angel. Shows that actually could do parody through being outlandish and silly.

    Anyway, Aroduc are you ever gonna finish off Rick and Morty? You stopped right at the season finale.

    • Aroduc says:

      Honestly, I was kind of hoping everyone forgot and/or didn’t care. The caps have been uploaded for a week. I suppose I can write something up tomorrow.

  • abc says:

    There is also Kiss X Siss..

    • abc says:

      As if they want to ride the Eromanga-sensei wave just with the Kiss X Siss theme…

      Well, i think the bar here is to high and touching the H-section

  • ark noir says:

    just remember only one of the four playing that black story game was underage. I would of felt like the biggest deadbeat.

    oh and f**k the beginning and its premise.