Spy Kids #11 — Counter Intelligence

September 17th, 2017


These are the stupidest people.

I suppose I should mention the CCS OVA since I have a vague fondness for CLAMP for whatever reason. It was nothing but sentimental masturbation. Just squirming over existential insecurity for 20 minutes until not. There's no cards. No captoring. Just wallowing in light angst so they can overdramatize the smallest thing with pastel backgrounds and screen-filling smiles. So basically, indistinguishable from a thousand other "insecure girls go to school" things that have become a factory line production these days. 


Wow. They're not even pretending to try with this mini-arc that's supposed to be acting as the finale. Every character but Charlotte and Ange just kind of futzes away, a new overly antagonistic babysitter futzes in to do basically nothing but scowl and repeat how much she's babysitting them, and from there, it's just stretching the non-content as thing as it'll go. They could've started this episode at around the fourteen minute mark and not only would it have lost nothing, but could've at least partially obscured how most of the cast abruptly vanished into the mists.

But even that aside, the 'meat' of the episode was tremendously weak. Ange tries to escape with Charlotte, all smiles and handholding and rainbows and unicorns and vomit. But because of friendship yada yada, Charlotte sends off Ange on her own and pretends to be her pretending to be her… who was pretending to be her in the first place, and claims that Charlotte's dead. And this (seemingly) works, despite them all being fooled by the exact same thing about three minutes before. But wait, maybe the babysitter wasn't fooled and just doesn't care, or will use this anyway. Except that begs the question of why do goddamned any of it in the first place? All we have here this episode is padding and nonsense, with the stakes being raised being entirely offscreen and not directly related to any character or event that we've see thus far. Fantastic way to go into the finale.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    This was a whole new level of espionage mediocrity.

    “I killed her”
    “Sure, I believe you, after all you just run with your identical self and show us no body at all, but your word is enough evidence for us”

    I liked it at the beginning, but after episode 6 it fell…hard, thanks god is ending soon.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    For a second I thought there was some tell with the fact that “Charlotte” reappears without the red coat she stormed off with but apparently she’s just not wearing a coat at all in the last scene, so I guess not.

    Anyway, did they steal that tree from Clockwork Planet?

  • ark noir says:

    Ange and her glowy thingymebob has gone back to the lantern corps….hopefully for good.

    Never quite understood the fondness people have for this anime. It was poop from day one, but it got girls playing spies so what can you say.

    What princess anime tried to be : Joker’s Game with boobs
    What princess anime came off as : Totally spies with boobs

    and joker’s game was utter bunk.