Rick and Morty S3 #08 — House Hunters

September 18th, 2017


It's no Milf Hunter.


I have no idea what the best way to talk about these kind of anthology episodes is, but luckily, Japan produces basically none of them ever. It was certainly another episode that felt more like the previous two seasons and less like the almost interminable crush of "everything sucks" that has been about half of this season. That said, I don't think it was a particularly strong episode, especially in comparison to the anthology episodes from the other seasons. I think it was losing the clearly improv style, but it could've also been that there wasn't any kind of side plot going on to it to break things up. Hell, the first Interdimensional Cable had two; Summer's existential stuff that gave one of the defining dramatic moments of the show, and alternate Jerry/Beth's stuff.

To get more into the meat though, the first three bits were overly long and not particularly good, and a lot of the bits didn't really have any kind of "mind blow" component at all, even aside from Rick's petty vindictive stuff. It didn't really hit its stride until it got a bit snappier, particularly with the "true level" bit; the exact kind of trivial thing that people do take seriously (speaking as someone with a woodworking father), taken to a ridiculous level. Unfortunately, it took half the episode to get there, and I think I got more chuckles out of the random trivial stuff in the quick montage than most of the rest of the episode.

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  • jgoi says:

    So squirrels are conservatives. I’ll make sure to laugh the next time I see one get run over.