Rick and Morty S3 #06 — Lots of Old Man Penis

August 28th, 2017




This was a lot more like the first couple seasons; just a little side of BS self-psychology that doesn't even hold up within the episode's own rules. So I guess still not going to get full marks, but a very welcome reprieve from having the characters stand around and announce their own nihilistic nonsense. That said, I think the standout moments for me were the little random side things; overly eager Stacy and the murder-tribble who needed to be coddled and raised in the heat of the moment. Then again, at least one of those led to multiple dicks swinging around, so perhaps not.

They could've definitely done a much better job with the toxic stuff, especially in the consistency department. (Healthy) Morty especially lurched wildly between personalities in every single scene. His date with Jessica especially it seemed like he was approaching some kind of manic sociopath. And then they decided to say that was him without his conscience? His conscience is the (self-identified) toxic part of him? Sure seemed like it was supposed to be his hesitation, uncertainty, cowardice, etc up until that point. Similarly, we see HRick being considerate and going out of his way for Morty, then they turn around and announce that all caring for Morty is actually in TRick. I feel like if they had gone full role reversal between an overly considerate Rick and an out of control Morty, not to mention fewer attempts to rationalize it out, it probably would've been a bit more effective.

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  • Sp33 says:

    Finally feels like a Rick and Morty episode, what took it so long?