Rick and Morty S3 #04 — Millions of Ants

August 14th, 2017


With the power of having eyes.


Boy, we're really going to be harping on broken marriages this season, aren't we? Can't possibly imagine why! (besides the show runner's own failed marriage, I mean) This episode fell pretty flat for me. There's a lot of ground to parody with superhero stuff, and it started off strong enough with the parody powers and gimmicks in the Not-Guardians of the Galaxy, but then we got to what would be the actual driving point of the episode with Rick death-trapping them all, and aside from the Noob-Noob twist at the end, everything was just going through the motions. Worse than that, they chose to have Morty explain what the motions were going to be at the very start of it. I can't help but think if Morty realized it and started wearily going through the motions and solving everything, saving the explanation for the end, that it would've at least been bit more amusing.

After that, it was pretty much ten straight minutes of "Rick is right again. Everything is crap. Nobody's special. You're all dead." Which seems to be the unfortunate recurring anthem of this season. Not new to the show, but definitely not shouted this loudly or constantly. And it rings a little hollow this week anyway since it obviously doesn't apply to him or how he's supposed to get special treatment (and why he gets drunk and takes revenge for not), but they missed explicitly calling our his hypocrisy despite explicitly and lengthily going on about everybody else's crapitude. I also disliked how instead of sticking to the mostly heroic-but-kind-of-jerkish guns with the Vindicators, it was almost like a switch was flipped and they went from mostly heroic to petty psychotics in the snap of a finger. I'm really ready for an actual wacky adventure from this show instead of nonstop nihilism. Even one of the awkward improv episodes probably wouldn't hurt.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Failing marriages has been this show’s leitmotif since like episode one when we saw how much Beth hates Jerry, or whatever. I feel like it kind of falls into that trap that an adult animated sitcom must at all times depict life as a series of failures. I wish the show would learn just a touch of nuance, or balance.

  • jgoi says:

    I expected another older guy tries to rape Morty bit not Rick channeling his inner Riddler + bitchy alien-x.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Actually, I enjoyed Saw: Avengers edition, surprised (not really) that Supernova survived (or didn’t, I guess). I’m hoping someone would do this more seriously with other hero analogues.