18if #08 — Can You Hear Me Now?

August 25th, 2017


I like how they didn't even bother to try with the sign language for the start of it.


This began with people shouting spears at each other, and then whispering bubbles, so I thought that perhaps we were getting another super artsy episode in kind of a synesthesia theme where all dialogue was metaphorically represented through visuals. That would've been far more interesting. Instead, all dialogue began appearing in text on screen while Whose-Its (I seriously do not remember his name at all anymore) just kind of bounced around various surreal dream areas. The spears and bubbles are just dropped entirely as… well, anything. And then he got naked and especially poorly drawn. At this point, aliens attack, and the deaf girl is buried in rubble. Metaphorically. …Maybe. 

I feel like if this was supposed to be an art piece, then the whole thing should've been completely silent… and also had some kind of narrative instead of devolving to a particularly preachy lecture. For a while, it comes across as almost a weird kind of PSA about how deaf people are the same as the rest of us. Hell, Dr. Katz stumbles into THE WORLD OF THE DEAF, followed by a montage of A DAY IN THE WORLD OF THE DEAF. But then it turns almost 180 degrees into this weird flat out lecture about how everybody is deaf when it comes to things they don't want to hear; using as an example, the girl he was trying to talk/listen to, but apparently didn't really, really want to. Or maybe the alternate manifestation of herself? I kind of lost the thread of things and don't particularly want to go back to figure it out. And then, lecture delivered, everybody just futzes right the hell off, episode over. Narrative? Structure? Pfft.

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