Virgin Soul #14 — Back To Form

July 7th, 2017


The light at the end of today's very long tunnel.


New OP and particularly strange ED glorifying the Nazi king as the prince in a disco Cinderella story means a return to absolutely nothing at all happening. And abandoning the semblance of momentum it almost had for the last couple episodes means that I'm almost certainly cutting my losses at this point. The disco Cinderella thing was easily the highlight of an episode where literally nothing happened but they got a change of clothes and traded one magical flying thing for a different magical flying thing. A mile a damn minute here. How I long for the first season where they just kind of teleported all over the world without any rhyme or reason. Nothing made sense, but at least they were having adventures and fighting the billion different people who all collectively murdered their fathers. But no. Not so here. Got to make time for all that bathing and talking about how great Nina is after all.

Second place after disco Cinderella goes to Cerberus watching a drunk vomit. A microcosm for this show, honestly.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    Bleh, I do not give 1 shit about nina’s romance unless it’s a h-scene so fucking bring Favaro back!

  • Germanguy says:

    perhaps the animation team needed an little breather, so here are many talk no jutsu.

    – Nina’s love and Hate. We know how she loves.. Jeanne not
    – Jeanne missing El and the children reminds her of him and her motherly emotions, she suppressing them, come all out with her tears
    – little steps of progression. These old Dragon Taxi ride, and the first bells of Bahamuts returning

    But yeah.. i feel like Nina will give this Nazi king a change of heart in the end… But i do not how they do it. Nazi King is full of Hatred? do Nina can rewoke his Love? … Dunno. Because Nina is a bit to “tomboyish”, not really Girlish

  • Shalulu says:

    ED2 is sick lit.