Princess Principal #04 — Team Pink Flower Penguin Tits

July 30th, 2017


Are you kidding me with that crap?


Since chronology is for losers, this is the ninth episode in the timeline, so I guess the first wasn't really a flashforward before going back and working our way through the story, someone just dropped the scripts and we're putting them together in any ol' order. The cracks from last week also continue to grow. The second half wasn't so bad, but the first half was almost entirely insipid nonsense. And tits. They sat in a car and debated giving themself a team name, and how cute it should be. Then they all put on their best push-up bras and shoved the camera so far down their cleavage that you could probably do a gynecological exam from there. 

I think the issue is that this was a dedicated setting episode, and screw that noise. There was no real focus on any character in particular, the 'exciting' part of the episode according to the musical direction was a CGI car driving around completely on its own while someone read a map and someone else screamed until they were forcibly shut up, and the closest thing to any actual spy stuff was either kicking down a door, or the part where one sat on the other's shoulders and pretended to be a single person, because apparently nobody gave even the slightest crap this episode. There was also a speech about the importance of friends at one point. Basically, it was a mess, and I'm about 99% certain it existed solely for maybe five or so minutes of exposition about the world/setting with the magic gizmo stuff, and the rest was utter fluff or tits solely to fill the rest of the time.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    I still like this show, mostly because it fulfills the premise and nowdays that’s always a plus. But…JESUS CHRIST, how many times they need to say the word “spy” in each episode?

    We already know they are spies spying in a spy war where spies spy other spies that also spy spies…spy, they don’t need to mention it every 3 lines.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I find it interesting that Princess is the “barter our daughter for stronger foreign alliance” type of princess.

    Show’s still solid, though with the high amount of subterfuge present in spy fiction, we really don’t need episodes out of order, I really hate that gimmick.

  • anise_punter says:

    “What should we name our spy team”

    “How about something with a common euphemism for spies right in it” this guy, he writes fun stuff but he doesn’t write smart stuff.

    I liked the Beatrice muting device and wish they had one of those ages ago. Like the first time somebody decided to employ Yukari Tamura to be as squeaky as thought humanly possible ages ago.

    “Then they all put on their best push-up bras and shoved the camera so far down their cleavage” why is this worded like a complaint

    • AH says:

      Well, we all realize these are little girls, right?

      Expecting a better, as in less suspicious, name from them would be perhaps too much.

      As for the rest of the episode…I actually liked how the Princess handled the situation with Chise.

      Rather than just making it a matter of friendship, she wanted her to be integrated into the group rather than kept out of the loop. Which might make sense given what Chise’s mission is supposed to be (help decide who Japan allies with), from what we can tell so far. Next week seems like a decent opportunity to go back and explain more of that.