18if #04 — Dance of the Bulimia Fairy

July 28th, 2017


Very complex themes this week.


I knew from the start that each episode was going to have a different director, but I'm starting to feel like each one also has a completely different scriptwriter, and none of the staff is communicating with each other at all. Hell, I could even be convinced that whoever was in charge of this described ten different shows to ten different people, just to screw with them, and this prank somehow spun out of control and here we are. I think it's about time to simply give up on any kind of character consistency altogether. Of course, when they inevitably decide there was some kind of overall central plot to this, that'll bite them in the ass pretty hard.

But anyway, this episode decided to go for the extra cutesy and cartoonish approach to a girl struggling with bulimia. And by approach, I mean, of course, not really approach it at all. He's haunted by the magical donut land where he spends every day with a fairy girl eating everything he wants. Meanwhile, a girl struggles with bulimia. Just, straight up immediately "She's got bulimia" and that's almost the entirety of her personality. Our AWESOME protagonist resolves this by… sticking some food in her mouth, thus reminding her that… food is good? I'm not really sure, honestly. It seemed like they were sort of going for a nostalgic thing to a love of her childhood tomatoes and curry, possibly because they watched Ratatouille recently and wanted to crib the ending to that without the vermin. Except that all that stuff came BEFORE it, and the epiphany bit was little more than her floating around before being buried in donuts. And then she was better. The end. Like how everyone overcomes bulimia.

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  • Germanguy says:

    mmm, i think the Key Switch here was “ski”… i mean Love.. But as you say, not always this work out

  • v1cious says:

    You’re sleeping on Made In Abyss, Aroduc. You will regret dropping that show.