Virgin Soul #11 — Thing’s Big Adventure

June 16th, 2017


I would have rather watched an entire episode about just the hand.


This episode continues to show how it's happy to go absolutely nowhere with the most glacial of paces by having most of it be following Jeanne and Nina 'breaking out,' of prison, only to just get thrown back in. Granted, it has about fifty times more plot progress than about the last month of episodes, but that's still very very little. The angels awaken Whose-Its and tell him to go purify mankind, incite a minor riot, and Nina finds out that the king is her crush when he shows up in the dungeon, pretty much just to reveal that he's her crush. He all but literally just walks up to her and goes "Hey, it's me." They could've covered all that before the OP played. Hell, it probably would've come out better had they obfuscated basically all the angel stuff and just had Mugaro 2.0 show up to declare angelic justice instead of the review session of how the comically evil Nazi king is bad.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Germanguy says:

    Sofiel here (The Leader Female Angel) did only show El the Black side of Humans, all Humans.. But She did not mention the ones that rebelled after her appearance. So even Sofiel use the Black and White paintings…

    Also El just tell things, that Sofiel want to hear, for Power… and the other Angel in the back knows it

    I just hope that Sofiel will admit her error when El really goes there and use his Power. is he now the only one male Angel?

    Perhaps they made this reset at the end of this episode to introduce Favaro next episode, because the males are on the other side of this Device, like Jeane said