Virgin Soul #09 — Flashback To Nothing

June 2nd, 2017

Cerberus was useless and never did anything anyway, so let's see how they manage to screw her up.


By having her just be a random non sequitur for about the time it takes to sneeze. Great. And yet, that was the highlight of the episode. I have questions about how they have apparently an entire goddamned city of prisoners, including trained heroes, and magical dragons, seemingly with no suppression of their super powers, yet they're kept in check by like… three guards? I'm not sure I ever saw any more than three, and there were usually dozens of prisoners, all with sharp objects. Apparently they're all held in check by good manners. Wondering about that is pretty much how I spent the 15 minutes of this episode that characters were reviewing their situation or simply staring at each other in blithe boredom. I think we're supposed to consider Nina's imbecilic cheerfulness/Stockholm Syndrome endearing. Christ only knows why anybody would. It's like she's from Alpha Centauri the illogical way she reacts to events.

The other 5 minutes of this interminable affair, and what could charitably be called the 'meat' of the episode, was mainly concerned with flashbacks about Favaro and Nina. You'd think then that it would show him training her or similar, except nope. She just goes "Let me be your apprentice," then a montage where she's already at the present-day skill level (or lack thereof) in everything, and… that's it. I think they may have just shown a goddamned single afternoon and hoped nobody noticed. Favaro even goes "Boy, this new thing that is happening sure sucks," which would make no goddamned sense if any time at all passed. How are they so goddamned bad at everything this season?

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    Perhaps they do not need that many Guards there, because these tunnels are all under the Waterline. So in case of a rebellion or such, they open the flood gates. Also this is some kind of Alcatraz in real world comparing

  • algorithm says:

    After giving it one last chance it still utterly refused to pass the test, Favaro didn’t make things any better, actually he probably made it worse. If that wasn’t enough they also managed to make Cerberus lame.

    How I miss the days where Mappa was channeling the spirit of the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy instead of… whatever this fat lot of nothing is.

  • ark noir says:

    This is me paraphrasing the last minute of the episode:

    Jeanne : I want to escape the prison to save Mugaro, help me Nina?
    Nina : Ok, Jeanne I will help you

    Prison Lags overhear and start clapping
    Nina grins
    The single prison guard looks on bemused
    Episode ends and goes to credits
    I look on bemused…..

    #modern anime #fava-no