Lovely Tyrant #10 — Homebodies

June 8th, 2017

I want this show to have been over a month ago.


I very belatedy edited the Galaxy Angel post last week at this time with what happened (nothing) with last week's episode here, and this week continues with more of the absolute same. Nothing new. Wheels spin. Everyone kind of waffles over their feelings despite all being perfectly clear, even while the protagonist who the entire universe revolves around can offer little more than twiddling his thumbs and only very occasionally acquiescing to everyone else because he has no actual personality, likes, dislikes, anything of his own. Nothing is too far. Nobody can do any wrong. Gee shucks, that just shows how much you all care. The first half, instead of hanging out at school, or in town, or anything with even the vague semi-excuse that anything's going on, they just give up entirely and sit around the shouse. And then the second half is repeating the stupid penguin thing for the… fourth time? Fifth? Don't care. Only 'new' joke in there is that the creepy cat-faced pet becomes a slightly different flavor of creepy.

Honestly, the only reason this post isn't about Galaxy Angel, or Azumanga Daioh, or whatever other flavor of ostensibly similar "Nothing happens" comedy that I don't despise is that I went out last night to hang out with a friend who was in town. I'm tired of this show.  The energy and pace it showed in the first episode is long since dead and buried. It hasn't had a new joke in weeks. It just keeps delving further into pretending drama doesn't exist. I hate all the characters. I'd rather write about nearly everything else. Stay tuned for the same damn post tomorrow when Rage of Bahamut continues to waffle about, and then again on Sunday when LWA decides to faff around for 21.5 minutes before spewing out another 'twist' that makes zero sense whatsoever.

Next Episode:

Don't care. Will likely watch something else instead.

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  • AGear2Ax says:

    It could be worse, at least they aren’t throwing flashbacks.