Virgin Soul #08 — Paid By the Ellipse

May 26th, 2017




We all remember the scene in Return of the Jedi at the Sarlacc pit where Luke starts nodding around and looking at every member of the cast in turn. Family Guy would make fun of that in its Star Wars spoof by stretching out that eye-rollingly unsubtle scene from about ten seconds to an entire minute. This history lesson comes to us because the bit where everyone stands around, staring at Nina lasted nearly goddamned two minutes. My rough estimate has it at 1:45. No dialogue. Nobody moving. Nothing going on. Just her staring at people. People staring at her. Her staring at other people. Other people staring at her. On and on and on and on and on. Is this what it's like to watch Dragonball? Roughly 10% of the episode straight is just everyone staring blankly, before we even get into another 10% of the episode being out and out recap, and however goddamned much of the episode else you want to assign to non-recycled footage recap. Before that happened and the entire episode ground to a particularly embarassing halt, I was getting geared up at the start too to make another comparison to Pirates of the Caribbean (callback to first post of the first season) with its attempt at the threeway fight, except that lasted approximately five seconds.

The rest of the episode is the standard dumpster fire for the show, although perhaps rotting corpse is more appropriate. I suppose at least being jailed is an excuse for them sitting around and doing nothing. Not one for everyone else sitting around and doing nothing though. Everyone's gotta sit around and blather for another half the episode, and time for some particularly stupid jailing/torture scenes, in case we've been too subtle on any front at all. Frankly, I want them all dead at this point, including Favarro, who's probably tainted just as badly just by proximity to all the nothingness and terrible writing going on. Lord knows the title of the next episode ("Same Old, Same Old") inspires dread.

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  • Germanguy says:

    Perhaps their drive of the Angels faction did not finished in time to produce more screens in between. but, seems like all backgrounds are told, and we can now slowly move to begin the final.. only of course if this show has 12 episodes

    in short: yeah, your guess is like good as mine, time filler

  • algorithm says:

    “This history lesson comes to us because the bit where everyone stands around, staring at Nina lasted nearly goddamned two minutes”

    Just in case people haven’t realized yet that they’re padding the hell out of this show with retreading, nothing and more nothing. This truly is the second coming of SnK.

    Was going to drop it after this embarassment of an episode but those devils knew that throwing Favaro at the last minute could help them put this show on life support. One more week to see if Favaro can make a difference though my expectations are low.