Lovely Tyrant #07 — Nice Guys

May 18th, 2017


Japan, this attitude you have aboutone BARELY nice thing deserving undying loyalty is disgusting.


Another episode that's mainly noteworthy for the haphazardness of its structure. Specifically that the first half is matched up with the last half of last week, and the second half is the start of a completely different bit, probably to be finished in the first half of next week. They got as far as understanding that an episodic affair should be 20 minute chunks, but have yet to figure out that the chunks are supposed to start and end in the same episode. It's especially impressive when every part is so void of all content, and particularly baffling when they go out of their way to call attention to that time and time again. "You're so obnoxious, boring, and awful, but I just have a special feeling about you!" "I have this mysteriou power that we've already explained a few times, so let's explain it again. Boy, is it mysterious." "Remember how I said our family's nuts? Well, it's because of MOM." Thanks, guys. The cup of knowledge imparted by these things runneth over.

I think the date montage ate up most of the rest. I don't even want to touch on the abhorrentness of its sentimental things either, for Guri or Akane. I already alluded to it in the subtitle of this post, but Christ, Japan. Play it off for a joke if you want, but your director and composer sure as hell weren't on that train of thought, so yes, I do feel perfectly justified in rolling my eyes severely and taking this crap as seriously as they did. At least stick with the guy who spent the entire day being nice to you. Being a mind controlled honey pot set up by Satan himself is besides the point. 

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  • Dave Baranyi says:

    You are being too nice to this show. You appear to be expecting it to do something interesting or exciting. Unless it goes back to dumb gag comedy it isn’t going to do anything at all.