Akashic Records #07 — Obligatory Episode

May 16th, 2017


Obligatory new student bit. Obligatory archetype. Obligatory swimsuits. Obligatory sarcasm.


It's the first episode of a new arc, so that means it's going to have to suck, to be followed up by Rumia being kidnapped next week. And suck it does. Well, maybe not suck, but certainly be token and unnecessary. Almost two thirds of it is just an introduction to the character already introduced over the last two weeks, mostly with characters announcing her relevant traits as she goes down the list. I guess at least despite being the archetype of overblow social idiocy and obsessed with the protagonist for tragic flashback reasons, at least they didn't make a huge deal out of that and she was interacting with others. A low bar to not trip over, and yet, somehow laudable for anime, especially a light novel adaptation. Then again, they did make a big explicit deal about it and then she threw a temper tantrum at the end, so if it had any points, it promptly lost them. Spoiler, she's going to learn that friendship was the true magic all along.

The rest is your standard beach schtick made solely to fill up some time without having to stress the writers out and forcing them to write any form of actual content. I suppose the intro bit was as well, but at least that brought back a few fond memories of Wizard's Climber. There was… a lot of post-training ponytail sex. That'd probably improve this as well. At least give them a reason to actually be pissy about things.


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear2Ax says:

    Oh gee, I “wonder” who is the guy with blue hair speaking with Evil Maid. Speaking of Evil Maid, why is she still wearing a maid uniform?

  • anise_punter says:

    Riel’s swimsuit is actually less revealing than her regular outfit, because light novels gonna light novel. No Celica though, that would have been like… good and stuff, can’t have that.

  • ark nori says:

    Sorry Glenn Raders, I am for RE=L


    The state of this girl lol! I hope the warning Al gave to that listless dumb ass of a MC was that shes autistic cos she did a personality 180 from being mumbling socially inept to screamy clingy.

    Of course he didn’t as he made evil plans with Blofeld maid. #modernanime

  • Anonymous says:

    Wait, what? I thought that was a boy.