The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love #02 — Dr. Love

April 13th, 2017

Sensei and Ninomiya was a better romance. And gag.


The question here is whether or not they kind of stumbled backward into what they sort of should be doing after the premise. They (eventually) get around to a new pair of characters with a thing, and proceed through an opening act, middle, and conclusion focusing on those two with the protagonists doing their side things in relation along the way while learning a valuable lesson. Yet, I can't help but wonder if it was an accident, and possibly even just an illusion from them cutting the blistering pace of the first episode in probably something like 25%. A large part is that the comedy remains weak at its best. There might have been slightly less incredulous shouting this week, but rest assured, there were still plenty of speedlines and yelling "THAT IS NOT REALISTIC" of one flavor or another. Another major issue is that the males in this show remain relatively formless clods, only able to yell incredulously or be the fun police in a world already fairly devoid of it. Well, that and how insipid the two characters were. God willing that's the last we see of either of them.

They still could've certainly pulled it back had they spent a little more time actually ramping up to the conclusion, possibly through various wacky plans to get them together, and a lot less time on some truly amazingly awful blathering and needless explaining to the audience's face, especially how the characters feel. Christ, that scene with the robbers was a special brand of insufferable. "I can't believe you just shot!" "I know! I just shot!" "I got shot!" "I have magic anti-being shot powers!" "Oh! I forgot about how you have powers! Also, that I have powers too!" My god. Why? Just… why? Why would you inflict this on people? Do the voice actors have a word count quota to fill? There's also the bit with his sister at the start. Seems like that'll be setting up for something, or the content of the episode, yeah? Nope. It's just… there. This weird scene introducing a character and conflict in literally the opening seconds, and then unceremoniously dumped and forgotten. So yeah… really feeling like anything they might've done approaching eptness in regards to structure was a complete fluke.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    No Sakurada Reset episode 2?
    One of the characters cuts themselves, two of them kiss, another suicides, and then there’s a 2 years timeskip. Fun.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Just watching Akane’s boobs bounce each time she stomped the robber was enough for my simple tastes… I’m always a sucker for Urusei Yatsura remakes…

  • anise_punter says:

    My biggest worry was that they’d totally overplay the yandere gimmick by the second episode, which they didn’t do (though the first episode was about enough for five or six eps) but I still didn’t find it as amusing as I thought I would.