Samurai Jack S5 #04 — The Fantastic Voyage

April 8th, 2017


What kind of macrofauna bursts through glaciars to eat like two people?

Also, weren't there two other girls dropped down the ravine?


With all the gassing on about how there's no hope and inner demons crowing about how Jack's lost his way and there's no redemption for him, I really would've thought they'd have done a better job framing Ashi as his shot at redemption or attempt to prove that there is still hope. Instead, Jack just kind of goes "she's human, and if she just knew the truth, she wouldn't follow Aku," which strikes me as another bit of rewriting the past, as there was no shortage of amoral corrupt living beings enslaving teddy bears or willing to murder him for a buck in the original series run. It really comes across as him saving her for a lark, rather than needing to prove something about himself… to himself and/or the puff balls he's hallucinating. Especially since he doesn't really bother to protest when they're all for abandoning or killing her. He doesn't go along with it, sure, but a little desperation to prove them wrong would've gone a hell of a lot further than just glaring. Likewise, her turn at the end thanks to a convenient flashback could've worked a lot better had he gotten himself genuinely hurt protecting her.

The rest… eh. We all knew Jack redeeming Ashi/himself through Ashi was coming from the start, and not really much of anything happened this week except to move that along past the first step. No real surprises along the way ala doctor animals, Aku therapy sessions, or the like either; just some random crows and fluff balls yelling about murdering things. It was also the weakest of the four episodes in the action department by a long shot, and the few attempts at humor between Ashi and Jack were middling at best. She'd scream death threats, he'd roll his eyes. He'd make a bad joke, she'd glare. Laurel and Hardy they ain't.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    “Enemy Mine” just take the Sci-fi out of this film, and you get the same idea for this here

  • Longing says:

    I’d agree that this episode was a bit on the standard side. Though I would say that the backgrounds they walked through were the best and most varied in the season so far. Walking on top of arteries and climbing fibers really hammered in how big this thing was. Not to mention the sheer amount of different places they traveled through.

    But I’m much more interested the Inner Jack after this episode. Each time he’s appeared, he’s had a different personality. In ep 2 he was angry and bitter, in ep 3 he was joyfully demonic, and now he’s very relaxed and sarcastic. I’m interested to know if it’s based on his situation, the tone of the episode, or if he’s got multiple personalities now.

    I’d also disagree with your view on Jack’s jokes. I snickered quite a bit when he acted like being eaten by a giant monster was no big deal.

    Though I will admit the ladybug thing at the end felt forced.