(Not) The Grimoire of Zero #02 — WE’RE IGNORANT VILLAGERS!

April 17th, 2017




After an episode of sitting on asses and blathering aimlessly, here's… another episode of sitting on asses and blathering aimlessly. They find a ring, turns out ignorant villagers assume it was stolen, so spend about the price of a pizza animating them chasing the group before everybody sits on their ass again and Tragic Witch Backstory #01 is laid out. What a goddamned adventure this is. This is dumb and I've wasted more than enough time on it.

So instead, let's briefly talk about Amayui's trial. I'll write up a real post with videos and screenshots eventually, but it ain't happening today. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. Anywho, first impession is that it's decent, but I'm not sure I'd go as far as to say it's better than Kamidori. Most of the upgrades come in the form of simply general usability, and some of them are things that I implemented on my translation patch because the lack of inclusion was insane. Some things are a mixed bag though. It's a very slow start compared to Kamidori's, and extremely full of tutorials. That in of itself might be okay, but they're poorly managed and I ended up having to grind anyway since certain key drops just wouldn't goddamned drop. The added voices are also a blessing and a curse. Probably less annoying later, but holy god, does hearing the same single "It's my turn" line five times in a row as you move your 1-2 characters around for these early battles grate fast. The battle sprites are also Live 2D (I think) animated images now, which I guess I'll call an improvement because the goblins swinging around are kind of amusing.

It's also very slow on the story front, waaaay slower than Kamidori was. If you thought that had plot issues, remember that it still had presented multiple main quests by the end of the second map between Wil's own business, Yuela's sword, and the reaper wandering around being murdery, let alone the end of the first chapter. Amayui has… a ditzy goddess who tells you to build a town on her avatar, which is a giant rock turtle golem thing. And you're kind of a gomer, so hey, why not? That's pretty much it for all plot elements AND characters through the entirety of the trial/~3-4 hours/5ish dungeons/first chapter of the game. No magic costumes either, which is a tragedy. There's supposedly some kind of 'defense mode,' but that wasn't present in the trial and details on the game's page are only that it exists with a somewhat inexplicable screenshot and nonsensical icons. Maybe it's some form of tower defense, maybe it's just the replacement for Kamidori's shop system, maybe it's something else entirely. Who knows. There are a few other minor gimmicks that they gave a slight taste of in the trial, but I'll get to those with a real post… later. Probably.

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