Akashic Records #03 — The Grays Are Among Us

April 18th, 2017

And they never shut up.

The other fantasy light novel harem show today actually had exponentially more trashy fanservice, and exposition than this. I'll give it one final look tomorrow since the ending indicated Something Might Finally Happen, but mostly, it was 22 more straight minutes of standing around chewing one's cud. The only notable bit was one of the kids blithely running off a cliff and getting a bit bloody. Because kids never do stupid things, and never get hurt. Protagonist was aghast at this turn of affairs, and demanded… more explaining from it. Mile a goddamned minute here. Eventually, the main girl stripped and he massaged her. So yeah. At least this had stabbings and punchings.


Well, it's certainly pulling itself together a lot better than the first episode let on, but there's still way too much weird exposition that's not needed in the slightest, and given the utterly generic and disposable nature of the three antagonists offed this week, one continues to wonder why all of this wasn't packed into a single episode. Hell, the final antagonist literally just stood there and provided exposition. And then watched while Glenn gave his life story while doing his magic finger painting to stop him, occasionally gasping in shock at the things happening right in front of his face while he… continued to stand there. And then lamented his defeat. Don't get too invested in the fight, dude. Nor was Glenn's 'struggle' at the end anywhere near as satisfying. Spontaneous passing out and blood coughing due to… magic… somewhat pales to punching things and being repeatedly stabbed.

But anyway, the action still wasn't great, but at least they were putting in about average for your standard light novel harem magic school fighting thing. Doesn't speak well if that's the height of affairs, especially when you again take into account that nothing could go without extensive explanation, even while other things, like that one girl being a super extra special magical princess, being ripped right out of the deus ex ass and then just coasted right over. Why does that not get an entire scene explaining it? More time and highlighting was spent into Dude #2 using his dying breath to explain that the protagonist is the super awesomest most deadly anti-mage assassin ever. Because of goddamned course he is.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    I kinda loved when he just took the sword and outright pierced him with it, THAT’s how you deal with baddies, please keep doing so.