The Saga of Tanya the Finally Finished #12 — “Please Give Us More Money”

March 31st, 2017

"So we can continue to do nothing with it."


The absolute best light you can put this particularly godawful episode in would be saying that it's a 20 minute plea for another season the way especially the second half starts introducing completely new plot threads and even antagonists, which is especially pathetic considering that this season didn't actually have one. And of course, as always, most of the episode was spent with stoned stony heads drudging their way through pure fluff filler.

New season tomorrow, beginning with two sequels for melodramatic teenagers I don't want to touch with a twenty foot pole, and Granblue Fantasy, which is already at five foot pole. Already going to be a brilliant start.

Parting Shots:

No story ever developed. There was no overarching narrative. It barely had recurring characters, let alone any that developed at all. This was a waste of time, which is also what it spent about 90% of most episodes doing; people sitting around in smoking rooms, rambling about the most banal and uninteresting garbage imaginable. Not even plot relevant fluff because there was no plot to speak of. Everything happened off screen and all the audience got was an endless parade of heads rambling aimlessly about how important it might've been without actually connecting to to goddamned anything, and the situation got redefined via hand-waving week to week regardless. A couple passable dog fights is about all that this has to offer. Flee, you fools, and never look at this again.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Yea it was a trap first episode promised something and delivered nothing I gave up around episode 3 it was in one word Boring.