Tanya the Whatever #11 — Pyrrhic Defeat

March 24th, 2017

I'm pretty sure that doesn't get you anything.

Season preview's about 70% done. Target is Monday, but we'll see. What remains is mostly pixel work, which oddly, requires the most effort and brain power. Lots of sequels. Lots of light novels. Lots of fantasy.


Well, aside from the overly long recycling of the last two minutes of the previous episode, the first half didn't totally suck. It's probably more effort put into a fight than this show has for at least two months, if not going all the way back to the first episode. It still doesn't solve the issue of Tanya not ever really struggling though, and the only thing her opponents can do to even try to defeat her is kill themselves. Everybody else is just jobbing about while she shouts and unleashes hell. Hell, at one point, she tackled a guy out of the way and took an entire corps's worth of attacks head on, emerging completely unfazed. Which also isn't to say that it was good either. There was probably at least two minutes of nothing but soldiers taking aim. If you were expecting aerobatics or a pulse-pounding dogfight, only Tanya gets that. Everyone else gets to stand still and explode. Also, probably a petty thing to complain about, but the pew pew laser bullets combined with zippy projectile sounds was really bizarre. More than once, there was also only one shot fired, but an entire gatling gun's worth of projectiles rained down in a gigantic field.

And then there's the second half. The boring, dull, plodding, dumb second half. Right back to overdramatized panning for the camera and watching over the shoulders of the most boring men in the world. The same garbage that usually eats up 90% of the episode, but this time, a blessed mere 50%. So much for building towards any big battle or finale.

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  • The Phantom says:

    “Season preview’s about 70% done. Target is Monday” Yes please!