Samurai Jack S5 #03 — Thanks, Mama Wolf!

March 25th, 2017


Good thing it wasn't deer mating season.


How convenient that Jack has a flashback right to an almost completely identical situation letting him get right over killing humans, which is apparently a thing we're saying has never happened before. And what was the line right after he was ranted at by a twisted, monster version of himself? "Your actions are a reflection of who you are"? If we're going to say that was just a little bit on the nose, then the nose was an elephant trunk. I still don't really get the wolf either. It recognized Jack as a kindred spirit I guess, because both were covered in blood? So then dedicated its next… week (?) to nursing him back to health through its expertise in human physiology before dicking right back off to wherever it came from? Maybe it could've worked had Jack saved it in the past or something, but without that, it's just some random magical doctor animal. At least the yelling frog can easily be chalked up to instincts and hallucination from blood loss. The dark shogun, or whatever you want to call that thing he keeps hallucinating, is also beginning to get on my nerves. Clearly meant to be symbolic of something, but right now, it most symbolizes symbolism. It's getting to the point where I'm suspecting he exists mainly to spur discussion, and not too much more than that.

I'm also not a huge fan of what went on with the girls this week. First, at least half of them got pretty bloodily and unceremoniously cut down. So much for all that training, huh? It's not like we practiced dodging things while blinded… except for that time we did. I doubt the last three that simply fell off the tree with Jack are dead, especially not the sole one they bothered to make unique both in the first episode and this one. You'd also have thought there'd be some time in their education for understanding where food comes from. There's this… schticky bit where they see a male deer and decide that it's probably one of Aku's minions, which was just close enough to making me wonder if they were about to start following it around and taking deer orders in the middle of their assassination hunt. There's still time for that, I suppose.

At least the action continues to be extremely strong, even if I wasn't feeling the story or character beats this week. Well worth watching for that if nothing else.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Zatman says:

    I understand they wanted the time skip to emphasize the fact that he is bound by some magic or something, but 50 years and not killing a single human? 10 years sure, 20 maybe but 50 years of never killing a human seems a bit far fetched to me.

    • jgoi says:

      This episode tells us those bounty hunters he cut down were not killed or secretly were robots.

  • Longing says:

    Not sure if it’s one of those things that I read too much into, but I’d say the wolf and Jack was a mutual healing bit. The wolf recognized Jack as a fellow “wounded animal” and they healed in that same cave together.

    I agree that the action was well done, but I’m amazed you didn’t mention the imagery. The bloody shadows of Jack and the wolf, fighting on a pure white background with unseen trees and perspective, one of the girls interrupting Jack in the middle of his speech causing him to stutter. It felt unique… and fun.

    I will say I’m not sure I like the new direction of “Inner Jack”. I kind of felt he had more impact when he was just a blue version of the old Jack rather than this more monster-ish take. And it did feel a bit odd that the Aku Girls were taken out so easily. I suppose it’s to reflect that Jack now knows what he’s dealing with and has gotten back the spirit that he lost, but it did feel a bit by the numbers. And Jack’s ability to constantly lose blood and not die was bordering on absurd. Not sure if that’s going to come back as an actual plot point or if it was just to create tension, though.

    Minor nitpicks to a great episode, though. Next one should be a fairly simple bonding episode between Jack and that last Aku Girl.

    Also, watching Jack just throw one of the girls off the log almost made my sides split.

  • Tiresias says:

    The deer scene disturbs me more than it should…