March 25th, 2017


…And my boobs are here to help too!


This finale was already off to a bad foot when it decided to start out by having the antagonist announce that it's impossible for anybody to come back from the evil, and that friendship is pointless. She then died to an impassive backhand swing. This was quickly followed by Whose-Her-Breast ripping open her shirt to expose her cleavage to absorb the evil. Some yelling of "friendship!" later, Yuri is restored to his Super Friendship Form, so the evil king transforms into a dragon and everybody summons magical surf swords to fight it, only for the other dragon to beat it, and with another shout of "FRIENDSHIP!" later, the day is saved. The end.

To say that they lost control of things would be putting it mildly. What happened to all that cruelty and oppressiveness from episode 1 where he was attempting to pop fairy heads? The only thing it stuck to the entire way was yelling about being friends. Nothing but sappy nonsense and exceedingly anticlimactic end for all the antagonists after sitting around on their asses for three months. 


Final Thoughts:

This seemed to have a pretty promising start; solid budget, framed the adventure and principals on both protagonist and antagonist side, and wasted no time in getting the story going. It turned out that the main note in the opening episode of Yuri finding his groove again would be the only real note that the story had. Week in and week out, prattling about companions and friendship to everyone and anyone who would listen. The huge cast of characters went totally unrealized in order to lionize the everliving hell out of a couple, but especially Aram, who was the best at everything and anybody who didn't immediately see that and give him the benefit of all doubts was so thoroughly corrupt that they immediately fell to be a pawn of evil. Which like the friendship speeches, then got to be recycled again, only with about 40 times worse execution for the sheer lack of sense and evil ex machina involved. 

Perhaps the weak characters could've been overlooked if the rest of the adventure hadn't been so haphazard. There was little to no continuity in what they were doing from episode to episode, and no real sense of progress. The antagonists simply popped up halfway through the episodes to act as miniboss fights while the main antagonist spent about 10 straight episodes looking bored on his throne. And then there were the simply asinine things like the magical pet picked up in the middle of nowhere doing nothing being the legendary dragon of legend. It didn't even have the guts to kill off a tertiary character who then vanished from the show except for one more moment to do nothing but go "Oh, yeah. I survived that, no problem." 

The first episode was the clear highlight of this, and it was all downhill from there. A toothless fantasy adventure mired in endless speeches about friendship and believing in each other, headed by insufferable prats. Feh.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Well…at least the show had a beginning and an end, that’s most that we can say of most shows today, that’s something, may be not enough to save it, but makes is tolerable.

  • algorithm says:

    Can’t wait for more Bahamut.

  • The Phantom says:

    The first episode was amazing but in the end their goal was to sell the game/cards, still better than Yugioh whatever V ever did, by a large margin.