Chain Chronicle #10 — Airship Engineering 101

March 11th, 2017


Wait. Why have we been traveling by horse everywhere?

Two things. First, daylight saving begins tonight, which Japan doesn't 'celebrate,' so things will get pushed around an hour… not that that'll affect anything here, really. Second, I do about 70-80% plan on covering the finale season of Samurai Jack which begins tonight, but having a job and dogs now that make sure I wake up around 6 every day, or get to 'sleep in' to 6:30 on weekends means that I'm not generally up and at 'em around 11pm when it airs, and even the 9pm+ timeframe when it'd come available from airing on the worst coast is iffy for my interest in engaging my brain, especially on Saturday nights. Any post will almost certainly not come until the morning, post dog taking-care-of, Sunday pancakes, etc.


Well, it's certainly being RPGish with the main antagonist having spent the entire show sitting on his throne, waiting for the protagonists to Prove Their Worth and gather the Widgets of Power or whatever. But that just made me wonder "What the hell have the antagonists even been doing all this time?" They've targeted a whole two people for corruption and… made some half-assed grabs for the book? And that's all I could name. In a way, it's impressive how they combined apathy with fussy micromanagement. Truly they are embodying the most evil thing of all, bureaucracy.

Anyway, this episode was basically a "move protagonists from point A to point B" affair; marshalling the forces before the final battle and supplying a damsel in distress. Understandable, but unambitious and indeed, tremendously unexciting. I'm not even sure I could tell you what the first half was; exposition about airship engine mechanics mostly, I think. It passed in a hazy blur of nothingness. I wasn't even aware that the Sphere of Evil was a major barrier that would need an entire episode to teleport through. They also aren't doing a particularly good job lately with the antagonists now that the protagonist side has an entire army and dragon against one dude and a handful of skeletons… which weren't even moving most of the time as they got mowed down. I swear there were a lot more antagonists in the opening episode. Why do we keep getting the C team?

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  • Neclord X says:


    Do they even need an army with this kid, his pet and his magical light?