Akiba’s Trip #12 — Like Ghostbusters 2… But Worse

March 29th, 2017

Somehow, that's possible.


Wise or not, I'm invoking Ghostbusters 2 here because that's what the dumbass 'climax' reminded me the most of. The difference being that when they held an impromptu concert and cheered on the giant slime creature(s), it didn't just beat the big boss itself while the protagonists stood on the sidelines cheering and take care of everything to an impomptu concert. Also, it was a remix of the inspirational R&B of Jackie Wilson instead of garbage bubblegum pop while a rogue maid-cop hauled away Janosz without the cast having any idea of it whatsoever. Convenient, that.

It's not like I expected much anyway, and it delivered just about that. It even sort of tried to do a Back to the Future ending, but instead of a Delorean, it's just an alien ship with Back to the Future's ending lines slapped in. So they can't even do those references right.

Parting Shots

A poor excuse for a comedy that has the occasional moment of amusement in the background, but is less concerned with being funny as it is explaining and emulating. Not even really things that are particularly funny in and of themselves, just… otaku things. And often not otaku things too, like professional wrestling. Even if it does have a few decent visual gags here and there, mostly in the very early episodes and mostly from sheer weirdness, I'm not convinced they're not there by complete accident. Nor are the story and characters built enough to survive on that because it's not exploring them either. It's hard to even call it episodic when most episodes meander around aimlessly for half their bits.

I want to say that it's trying to do a little bit of everything, but it's really kind of not. Trying, that is. It goes through obligatory motions to pretend like there's romance, emotion, story, etc, but none of those things actually exist, same as the humor. It expects the audience to know absolutely nothing about anything so spends an arduous amount of time detailing everything, then forgets to actually include a punchline more of the time. At least it's colorful and sort of energetic when you get past all the exposition. I guess.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I’ve been wondering this for a few weeks, but is that dude with the large head a staffer, or a staffer’s relative? I’ve never seen such an unimportant character with such a relatively big role.

    Speaking of romance, since Mayo had to basically fuck his corpse to bring him back to life, I guess we can assume she’s liked him since the beginning, but he’s shown very little romantic interest in her, so this relationship thing is weird.

    Finally, the one thing that’s bugged the hell out of me for the last several weeks is Mayo (and her sister) surviving being stripped, despite that being the very same very stupid rule the show set up. Goddamit, if you’re going to make rules for your show follow them, don’t break your own goddamn rules because you apparently realized too late that you can’t do your lazy fanservice. If you want to strip your characters naked, just do it and cut the bullshit.

  • Neclord X says:

    This show hasn’t done anything new, and didn’t do it very good, but at least it was faithful to itself till the end.

    May be its not a show I’ll remember as a great comedy, but at the very least I had fun watching it and make me chuckle here and there, that’s more that I can say for most anime “comedies”