Akiba’s Trip #12 — All Is Lost!

March 22nd, 2017

For less time than it takes to make a sandwich.


They basically abandoned any overture of parodying anything and just went straight for 'plot' this week, but that was driven entirely by Mayo being an angsty bitch and refusing to let Tamotsu help her. There was also a kind of weird side bit about Arisa getting hauled off because she's super important, but she comes right back, so that entire portion was literally just two bits of exposition going "I have to leave for the next five minutes," and "I'm back." Yeah, I get that they were going for the "Our team is in shambles and all is lost," but without actually being funny about it nor having earned the drama by having them be anything but gag characters, it doesn't work… even before the 'joke' that she was gone for only slightly longer than a commercial break.

The crowning moment of the episode though was probably the fight between Mayo and her evil twin, because it's not magic or anything. They're just twins. There was this amazingly awful bit where in the middle of the fight, they had a flashback to the big bad explaining the entire backstory of the evil cult of evilness before the evil one started yelling out her motivations and backstory as well. Natural storytelling? Pfft. Let's just shove exposition into every possible crevasse we can find. How else are we going to make time for a bit about all the tertiary characters getting picked up by the morality police? Because that's something integral to events.

Next Episode:

Bringing back old enemies.

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