Akiba’s Trip #11 — Twinsies

March 15th, 2017


…Why is she wearing a mask if she can duplicate Mayo's face too?


Another episode where it's hard to discern what anybody on the production staff is thinking, and makes the first episode or two's occasional zaniness seem light years away. It's difficult to even tell what this was going for as there's not really any otaku thing it focuses on for more than maybe three minutes at a time, and it spends easily that much giving ad space to Carl's Jr. It begins with unpopular idol street performance reminiscent of the default state of Komugi, but then diverts into a court thing due to (mostly) fat evil clones running around framing them for petty crimes. No sooner is that revealed than they're defeated, yet still five minutes remain, so they change gears a third time to go to the cliffhanger of The (Wo)Man completely dismantling Akihabara… except that's not the real cliffhanger; it's Doofus getting lured out by the Mayo clone and having his powers sucked out.

Was one writer pushing for the (not so) epic big story while another pushing for a more personal one and they ended up just using both their rough drafts? What ever happened to the gigantic maid from the first couple episodes who then completely disappeared? She was easily the best character on the show. Are we just throwing everything at the wall except for jokes and hoping that something sticks?

Next Episode:

They do remember there are 13 episodes on schedule, right?

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    So, like, does that whole rule about being exposed to air completely not apply to Mayo anymore? It’s like they realized they couldn’t strip her naked,and are completely ignoring that point.

    Speaking of things being ignored, Konosuba had it’s last episode today, apparently Aqua, who for 19 episodes has been the ass of all the show’s jokes, not to mention a whiny, lazy crybaby is suddenly a noble Goddess who desperately wants to save the water for the people in her cult. It’s like someone who hasn’t watched a second of the series wrote a majority of the final episode based on a brief one sentence description of her personality from the first three minutes of episode one.