Akiba’s Trip #09 — It’s Time to W-W-W-Wonder Where the Parody Is

March 1st, 2017

Screw the comedy, we have time to fill.


Another episode primarily characterized by my internal screaming of "The fruit is so low! How is it still beyond your grasp!?" The over-dramatized collectable card game genre has so much to be mocked, and so much we've seen mocked, and yet this is as toothless as it comes. No mocking of the genre, plot holes, or general Yu-Gi-Oh Abridgedness is this, just the standard "shot for shot remake." Granted, not as unbelievably atrocious as last week's episode. They actually took the time to point out some of the stupider things, because that's what passes for a joke here. They also focused on otaku stuff for the card content instead of fantasy things.

So instead, for this paragraph, I'm going to complain about how infuriating the season finale to Star vs the Forces of Evil was, particularly when the first season's finale was one of the strongest episodes to date. They run promos all goddamned season about "ooh ooh Star totally has a crush on Marco," and it's been dumb, even dumber after some of the promos that were obvious dumbass fake-outs until it became clear that they really were going with it in the second half. And unpleasant/unwelcome the entire goddamned time. So ending on the 'surprise' confession, yet leaving basically every story thread it introduced even back in the opening episodes of the season dangling, grates on me like sandpaper on the tenders. The bits with Ludo's family and the fight between team magic and Toffee-Ludo were good at least. I'm glad that Hekapoo's apparently sticking around though. She's fun, something most of the rest of the cast forgot how to be in the overly melodramatic closing episodes.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    God just shoot me now. Is it illegal to enjoy unrelated media without reminders to politics? First Time Bokan 24 now this.

    Don’t worry you’ll get your starco. I’m annoyed how this show gets extra seasons before it reaches the season before it. Less than 7 season1 eps aired > star vs gets 3rd season. Now it finishes s2 and gets an season 4.

    • Aroduc says:

      Man, I’d prefer if no relationships existed in the show at all.

      And Janna is a WAAAAY better match for him than any of the others. Especially the infuriatingly completely flawless Jackie-Lyn whoever. The only way they could redeem her at this point is turning her into a second ogre.