Tanya the Bore #05 — Basic Training

February 3rd, 2017

I have no idea what they were supposed to have learned from any of that.


Oh great. They cut out the OP and ED for an extra long episode. It was an 'exciting' start too. When they first showed the interviewer, he was right up against the wall and my thought was "Uh, is he literally pinned there by the table?" Then they cut out, he was about ten feet away and there was a shelf or something behind him and the wood thingy was two feet higher. Then the next shot, the shelf had disappeared. But twist upon twists, it turns out that the whole thing was an illusion all along. This is truly next level stuff. Up there with digging tiny holes to protect from a literal hailstorm of mortar from straight above. And I don't just mean a regular shelling. That might make sense. I mean that they went out of their way to show how shells fell all over the ground EXCEPT the little holes they dug. Because that's how holes work. But what may have been the most insulting part was the tagline at the end when she saved a couple of their lives from an avalanche and they all went "OMIGAWD! SO MONSTROUS! GETTING PUNCHED IS WORSE THAN DEATH! BEST TRAINING EVER!"

And then there's the second half. The boring, boring second half where they use overwhelming force to beat up helpless incompetents before bombing the hell out of civilians. Granted, that's the closest that this show has come to her actually doing something 'evil,' but any points it might get from that are immediately retracted for the overuse of some truly godawful stills. It was only a month ago that it was pretending to be all brutal and gory, and now it has redcoats being pew pewed by laser rifles.

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