Tanya the Dullard #07 — Major Melodrama

February 24th, 2017

Stop being boring.


I can see why this took an extra week. It was so boring and unfocused that I felt myself falling asleep watching it. The really special part of this episode was the B plot (if you can even call it a plot) of a random enemy soldier. His story is that he has a family, went to war, and got killed by Tanya. That's it. That's all of it. They just picked some random guy, gave him about three minutes of screentime, and tried to melodrama the hell out of him. They even had a little flashback to show that he had actually shown up for about 15 seconds in some previous episode. It's hard to call him an antagonist either. For one, that should go to the truly godawful ship CGI. For two, Tanya effortlessly killed him as he flashed back to all his buddies and families, cementing his purpose as nothing but wringing out some melodrama.

The rest of the episode was the boring standard; dudes in boardrooms rambling aimlessly, Tanya making faces, and Team Tanya effortlessly killing everything that stands in their way. What is this narrative building to? Anything at all? Is the story going anywhere whatsoever? Why are there still only really two characters and a bunch of completely interchangable bearded faces? It's not like episode to episode it has compelling character dramas that it's focusing on either. After a week off, it feels stronger than ever that we've never left the holding pattern and are still waiting for the story to actually begin… goddamned seven episodes in.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Speaking of building to something, I thought Tanya was trying super hard to avoid the front line, why is she gleefully flying right into it now?