Chain Chronicle #08 — The First Rule of Book Club

February 25th, 2017


Is that there are no rules in book club?

I have things to do this morning, so I just watched the CR/theatrical version of episode 8 under the assumption that the differences between it and the broadcast version would continue to be exceedingly minor so I can get on with my day instead of waiting for the relatively late broadcast.


Another fairly dumb episode of flashbacks and shouting about friendship. I'm honestly kind of at a loss as to even what was going on. They ran into the forest, were transported into a giant magic library which had some other omnipotent magic book which they went inside, but not as ominipotent as the other one. They used this to then reiterate the depth of Yuri's anguish and suffering, as well as slap the thrilling origin story of… wanting to be a hero, and his village was destroyed by evil. That's it. That's his whole backstory. That's all of it.

Even the things that 'happen' don't make any sense. The very first rule laid down of being in the book is "you're just seeing things, you can affect them." That rule remains enforced for maybe three minutes before he's talking to people in it, shouting about friendship, and defeating Yuri's inner darkness or something by shouting yet more about friendship. It's not even clear what he actually accomplished, not that it stops his cheerleading squad from proclaiming "You did it!" at the end. What he did is an absolute mystery to me.

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