Chain Chronicle #05 — Magical Pet

February 4th, 2017


Yeah, that's what the annoying prat needed.


Yeesh. Last week's "prove your might" and then pure faffing around was bad enough. This week we got yet another extended bit about how great believing in your friends is and a goddamned 'wacky' pet. How far away the antagonist crushing the fairy pet seems when you've got regiments chasing around a goddamned rabite and characters cartoonishly teleporting around for comedic effect. Dear leader's schtick is also wearing extremely thin. He earned a little angst from losing badly in the first episode, but we're long past the point where he should still be suffering bouts of insecurity every damn week.

That was just the A plot though. There was also a B plot of the dark dwarf thingies finding some magical widget that'll help them. And that's literally the entirety of it. "We found an artifact." "OMIGAWD! There's a prophecy about this artifact and how it's awesome!" The end. And yet, somehow more substantial than the C plot of "Oh crap. We need to give the white mage 15 seconds of screen time spread out across the episode before going back to never mentioning her ever again." Or the D plot of "some other guy will be an interim antagonist," similarly with 10 seconds of screen time devoted to it. If only there was some part of the rest of the episode that could've been cut to fleshed any of those out further. But nope. We needed at least 15 minutes of "friends are awesome!"

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