Akiba’s Trip #07 — Working!

February 15th, 2017

Yeah, that's what we needed. A shot for shot remake of that terribleness.


What a shockingly terrible episode. Since it was (vaguely) about maid cafes, they didn't feel the need to exhaustively explain what they are and how they work, but then they could only come up with one, maybe two 'humorous' things, and that's stretching that word past its breaking point and then some. The two jokes of the episode were: 1.) The employees are somewhat overexcited, and 2.) They get paid in "thank yous". That's it. That's all. It was otherwise just one of the blander episodes of –Insert Any Restaurant Anime From The Last Five Years– with a little bit of nakedness at the end. Come on, guys. Where's the behemoth maid? You seem to understand that being sucked into the corporate whatever is brainwashing and idiotic, but is that it? Is that your big critique of the industry? One little throwaway line about service employees being mindless drones? I'm not asking for a profanity-laden sendup of TGIFridays ala Office Space here, but picking on the employees of all things isn't even the right tack to be taking and comes off as sadistic even while The Corporation gets off with nary a bit of bile thrown its way. There were more gag Arisa costumes in this episode than there were jokes about its central thing. It hardly even passes as a Niwaka-focused episode either considering she was barely a part of it.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    At least Niwaka got stripped..now it needs to happen again.

  • Dark-Tzitzimine says:

    This show looks terrible.