The Saga of Tanya the Bullied #03 — Weird Science

January 20th, 2017

The next horrible act of 'god' will be a wet willy.


This show continues its rapid decline from not even a great starting place, and with it ending with bouncing breasts and a promise of "back to school," it looks like that's only going to continue. Especially as it continues to drift further and further from her acting 'evil' in any way, shape, or form. But anyway, this week continued the prologue, featuring exposition about this world's magic. It also had the standard Japanese mad scientist lunatic character. That's another cliche that seems to have made a massive resurgance which I'd prefer to see get a bullet in its head and never be seen again. 

It's hard to even tell what the point of this episode was besides exploiting little girls, both by the screaming mad scientist and the 'god' thing, but fifteen minutes on that for what? That she needs to say a mantra before she uses her magic. That's it. That's the horrible curse laid upon her. Christ, guys. That's the de facto standard for magic in these fantasy worlds. I'm pretty sure that Lina Inverse was pledging herself to every flavor of demon when she cast spells to cook bacon for breakfast and nobody batted an eye. But here, we have a pseudo-character going "Haha! Made you say it! I win!" and the protagonist's response is "Curses! He has bested me!" This is barely schoolyard bully crap at worse.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    I said this before, the problem is the premise. If the main character was, let’s say an angel for example, expelled from paradise obligated to be reborn as human…this would make some sense, but there is no reason at all for God to be so obsessed with fucking with this particular non believer to go as far as changing the rules of the universe just to have him/her praise God each time he/she uses magic.

  • ark noir says:

    I was lost when the pigeon was being theological in the last episode. That pigeon was god. God is a pigeon. God has the power to have you reborn into another alternate reality just on the basis of having a crappy worker sacked, being killed by that worker and cursing god. That alternative reality is 100 years behind the current one, but has magic because god is whimsical. question is , why isn’t god the main character of this anime or from his P.O.V as it’s more relevant to see why god is so mad, bro? why pick out this one salary man out of billions and I’m not having this god’s after evil characters cos salaryman done worse in the other world unfetted.

    • Germanguy says:

      Why would God here, allow this War at all? Guinea Pigs the Humans? But then yeah, why is he so obsessed about this Girl?