Chain Chronicle #04 — “Prove Your Worth”

January 28th, 2017


Or what? You'll just sit there and give in the apocalypse?

With the end of the month comes the Crunchyroll release of the theatrical version of this show, which is episodes 5-8 cut up into twenty minute segments. I've kind of decided that I don't particularly care though and will just continue watching it as is because this season is… not ideal.


Well, there's the failure of the theory that it would be three sets of semi-enclosed arcs. This episode was just poor all around. The only action was a cartoonishly (or video gamey really) "prove your worth" bit of garbage made even worse by the good guys being 'challenged' with "You failed once, and spent the last two episodes regrouping to try again, but are you sure you want to try again?" and this being something that caused a moment's hesitation before everyone nodded and went "Yeah, it is worth trying again." That's pretty much how the entire damn episode went. Faffing about, introducing new character, but only got as far as going "Yeah, these guys will help too, but weren't helping before." Totally different from the mountain of characters who have been barely introduced but were already helping. The only uptick was a relative lack of the obnoxious thief brat.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:

    i get the gist that our Thief here have under this headband some sort of an Horn… the old “Plots” and Drama storybooks was full of them.. back in my youth…

  • Bk says:

    I wonder if the pink princess is intentionally a bad leader so there would be room for character development or if she lacks self awareness to truly empathize with the rioting boy