Akiba’s Trip #04 — Talk Radio

January 25th, 2017

Video killed the radio education.


It's painful thinking about the thought process that went into this episode, or specifically, the lack thereof. It's almost like it's a first draft of the framework before anybody goes through and edits it or adds humor. I guess it's supposed to be the character episode for the dumb scientist side character, but everything just gets sucked into this endless blackhole of exposition from which no content escapes. It even kind of started out seeming like it was getting right to the meat of things with introducing the radio focus and the antagonist in the first act. None of these things were well done, mind you, but the general structure was there.

And then it spent the next twelve or so minutes in the dryest, most humorless, most pointless infodump imaginable. It's like they got as far as "radios are a nerdy thing, right?" but then realized that expecting people to actually understand radio waves and ham radio culture was too much to ask, so instead of just working with some generic stereotypes about nerds or wacky stuff with radios that is accessible, they decided that they needed to explain all the science behind that in addition to the infodumped character background. By the time they finished with that, there was only enough time left to throw together a weak garbage "wrap them in tinfoil" thing because we also needed to save some time for sappy garbage.

Next Episode:

Fighting games.

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