Matoi the Melodramatic #10 — The Many Faces of Idiocy

December 6th, 2016

2016 really is the worst year.


Yet again, as always and ever, about 2/3rds of this episode was completely wasted space spent droning on and on about how serious things are and everyone gets overly dramatic about it, followed by a fight against someone who's just plain invulnerable to everything, yet defeated the very instant Matoi decides to start giving a rat's ass, whereupon she becomes the invulnerable one, able to shrug off direct attacks through the power of standing there impassively, yet still totally drained by the slight exertion of effort. Of all of Japan's godawful 'action' formulas, this one is really starting to grate on my ass more than ever. It combines zero effort in direction with utter BS in writing to try to tack on that they were actually struggling in some way after the fact. At least they animated it slightly more than usual. I guess that's kind of a blip upwards in this tedious affair whose end I eagerly await.

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  • anise_punterr says:

    Art design seemed off this week even for this show