Izetta of the End #12 — Ball Waving Contest

December 17th, 2016


Yes, yes. You've got the biggest balls of them all.

I have a breakfast to attend. Magical girl whatsits will come in an hour or two. Pretty sure I can already tell you it doesn't end with everyone, or everyone but one, dead though, but I could've done that about 3 months ago.


So… Izetta gets to avenge her personal loss against the person who beat her a grand total of once and has killed a tiny fraction of as many soldiers as she has, by summoning a larger spirit ball than her. I'm already not on board here, show. You didn't need to constantly cut away to every other character out there, no matter how boring what they were doing was. Two magical girls tossing tanks around? That's enough of that. Here's Duke Boring sipping wine. Perhaps even that's too exciting though, so let's check in with the princess, who's interrupting the board room meeting of the United Federation of Grinning Dullards. And hey, remember Private Fanboy from two months ago? Well, he showed up too for some unknown reason.

And then, having proven that she has the bigger ball, that resolves everything and singlehandedly ensures that the war is won, and everybody goes on to live their perfect lives… a montage assures us. But don't worry, someone did have to make a sacrifice, it assures us in literally the closing seconds. Izetta's in a wheelchair in the forest, being waited on hand and foot. That's not the sacrifice. The sacrifice is that she doesn't have a legion of fangirls still waiting on her hand and foot. Still waiting for the princess to have any part in the story.  


Final Thoughts:

A few decent action scenes here and there, but the writing was atrocious. Not quite to the absolutely tone and braindead levels to its sibling in that virgin witch Mary affair, but also not far off either. That had a little bit stronger of a central cast while this wouldn't commit to its central magical girl thing, and kept mistaking itself for an exceptionally boring war documentary about politicians sitting around a table looking shocked. The other main character being both lionized to a ridiculous level as well as being utterly vestigial to all events after around 10 minutes into the second episode wasn't helping matters either. Nor did the characters face any actual challenge until an episode or two from the end, so their early 'struggles' all being crushing successes didn't exactly build the theoretically underdog struggle they were going for.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • algorithm says:

    It ended up being closer to Dragon Ball Z than what Dragon Ball Super accomplished.

  • Neclord X says:

    The end was kind of retarded, there was so few magic in the river of magic that only two witches in a few seconds drained it all? Also, isn’t draining all the magic of the world usually bad for nature?

    Anyway, at least it told us an story, dumb some times but eh, its an story with beginning and end, just that puts this on the “above average tier” for me, Which is kind of sad, but nowdays with so many nothing happens series, this is the only thing I wish for in a series, self contained.