Izetta of the End #11 — Just Screw Already

December 10th, 2016


Totally platonic bonding.


For all this episode's faffing around, it really didn't go anywhere or accomplish much of anything. It pulled a comically horrific guy out of its ass to be an antagonist for half the episode, commiting blatant war crimes, as if stringing up girls, opposing girl Jesus, and being Nazis wasn't bad enough, but yet not so evil that Izetta would just kill him outright. No, that was reserved for all the grunts who she splattered with a half-ton of masonry. Evil Von Evilness only had one brick tossed at his hand to knock his gun away before being shot by his own ally. Because Nazis.

The remainder of the episode was spent basically walking back the insta-power up from the first half. Also, lesbians, which, to be fair, were also randomly in the first part as well because I'm pretty sure that's the longest interaction Izetta has had to date with Random Pointless Named Girl. Oh sure, Izetta's stronger now, but atomic bombs! And the stakes are so much stakier! Because there are bombs that can single-handedly wipe out entire cities and/or armies. You know, just like the witches that they already have. So now we're going to run off and fight a witch with magic knives with our own magic knives. Did anybody think this through at all?

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Germanguy says:


    Yeah, is this an Eastern Egg (pardon Picture) to Simoun?

    • Germanguy says:

      So, from watching the first screenshots here, i guess that they took the Story of “angry Wife” that want to get rid of the “Husbands” lover and High Nobles help her to get Power. Sadly the White Witch was on an dead spot of the Witch earth vines so she lost her powers…

      Seems like they did not know the real secret behind the Red Stone, we know now that this is only an “Mana Batterie” for places where this blank spots exists… But if Izetta make it back to some of them… what will happen with Sophia? Or is she still “leaching” her fake Powers from the Bloodsample combined with the Stored mana inside the other half of the Stone? Will the Earth Power Vines accept her as an “real witch” and grant her their Powers? They are at last Earth spirits.. well some kinda

      • Germanguy says:

        or for “oldschool” lovers, when both Stones clash into another, the Stone become one, and Shopia and Izetta “merge” (or at last their minds) into One.. perhaps the “new White Witch”… both combined = Yin and Yan

        and all Hatred from Sophia turn “gray”, well she do not want to burn the World, only some Persons that was responsibility for her death (even if they are long dead, too)

        eas way out, but also golden classic