Hip Whip Whatevers!!!!!!!! #12 — “Let Me Masturbate On You”

December 22nd, 2016


This time, it's supportive instead of offensive. …For a certain definitely of 'offensive.'


At least the transformation here was changing the ponytail to a scarf. And it was a lot more animated than usual, although that kind of dropped off in the later going when they just started emitting energy blasts and the bigger energy blast as determined by the writer's room wins. It was far too late to do much of anything about it being a narratively meaningless fight with nothing on the line, but that sure didn't stop them from trying to drop a bunch of garbage nonsense about self-esteem thirty minutes into it. That was coincidentally the exact same time they decided to pretty much stop animating it, so it's pretty clear where the budget ran out and they had to shift to "stretch this crap out" mode.


Final Thoughts:

Well, at least the end showed a bit of the same fun as the first episode did, but it was a mistake to think that this could rise to the high levels of writing or character/fighting design set by things like Street Fighter or KoF. Instead, it went decisively in the creatively-bankrupt direction of Jump things with more and more bizarre superpowers and repeating gimmicks it already had… and that's when it could even be bothered to come up with them in the first place, since Purple-hair, despite being set up as a form of rival/antagonist in the first episode never really actually got one for herself despite hanging around the entire show.

Still, way too much completely unnecessary exposition, no real buildup of any kind of either storyline or antagonist character(s), and a massive stable of characters that could've easily been pared down by half and still would've had too many. Sure, picking on a show literally about magical T&A for its crappy writing is shooting fish in a barrel, but half the time, it wasn't about magical T&A so much as it was characters talking about the magic behind the T&A. And even despite that, it should've done a better job creating any kind of weight to the tournaments or reason for people to care. It obviously knew it was supposed to; it just liked to wait until two minutes before the end to explain why the catharsis that was about to happen would mean anything.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Well, at least was fun. This show ended being lot more idiotic than fanservice which someway redeemed the show.

    I mean if this had been focused more on fanservice would have been unwatchable, all the idiotic techniques made ma laugh.

    If something…there were lot of missed opportunities, it was too much by the book when it comes to imitating sports battle anime, some unexpected twists would have make this better. But as it is was ok, at least you ended every episode with an smile in the face.

  • kenuran says:

    Well now that the season is basically over, you wanna look at that Milky Holmes movie that showed up a couple weeks back? I think it was done by the same staff that did the first two seasons. Would’ve let you know sooner but new job combined with the Christmas rush period made me end up skipping on watching anime this season.

  • arknoir says:

    Why I liked this show is simply put, it took the mickey out of battle sports manga and anime and more importantly, itself. It wasn’t trying to be prince of yaoimagictennis, eyeshited 21 or captain magicbasa where those sports manga took themselves so seriously whilst ignoring the fact they be flinging hadoukens about with a straight face using logic(?). Keijo knew it had a absurd narrative and setting from the start and it continued all then way through to the end.It could be that I like sports anime a lot, but damn this made me laugh a lot.