Hip Whip Girls!!!!!!!! #09 — Rampant Public Masturbation

December 1st, 2016


Maybe we should not put the climax in the next episode previews.


Well, significantly better than most episodes so far, but also counterbalanced by the exceptionally bizarre and weird subplot of Dad hanging around, tut tutting at the sexualization of teenagers masturbating/each other and wedging themselves in public, but won over in the end by the crowd suddenly and inexplicably ignoring the three girls having sex in the corner and cheering for her for no particular reason. After she started masturbating too, perhaps I could understand the crowd's enthusiasm, but before?

The antagonist here was also a full display of their creative bankruptcy, having the same magic power of "knows things" as that one protagonist girl who had an entire episode focused on her and has yet to have even the shadow of a presence since then, and judging from the next episode preview, will be jobbing again to another nipple-based masturbation attack. Her side gimmick was "I practiced a couple years more than you did in a slightly different sport… POSER," which was similarly impossible to feel much of anything from. I'm also pretty sure that using one's nipple to throw someone is a good way to tear it off.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    ITs obvious that they gonna lose the next match, because if not there won’t be a third one with the main character. I feel bad for Gate of Buttylon girl, she never wins.

    BTW, Im the only one who thinks it was kind of disturbing how traditional japanese Judo master felt proud of his daughter showing her nether regions and even her erect nipple in public