Hip Whip Girls!!!!!!!! #10 — Ass Taskmaster

December 8th, 2016

Let's all clap our hands and squeal like harp seals because they referenced Type-Moon.


The thing about this episode that I 'enjoy' the most is how they realized that that one character's personality of "doesn't speak much" doesn't work when you need to have them announcing everything under the sun for an actual full fight, so they just decided to screw it and give her a completely different one. And since they used her power of "knows things" for the antagonist last week, they had to give her a completely new power this week. Now instead of knowing her opponents, she can copy the magical powers of all asses she touches. Taskmaster, eat your heart out. And yet, still not as awful as the literal drill-nipples. A little quarter turn, and they become literal drills, and as you know, drills work by violently propelling things away from them. The physics are mindboggling.

I guess at least the job squad at least sort of put up a decent fight, even if it was obvious a week before this episode aired that they'd lose. Not that it didn't stop them from stopping in the middle things to have a chatsie and retaunt each other… multiple times over. Then again, it would've made a little more overall narrative sense if they were just squashed one-sidedly. At least that would've built things up a little better for the 'big' concluding fight. Here, we have the antagonist side being even matched at worst, so all that posturing and evil grins is just even more transparently BS.

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One Lonely Comment

  • arknoir says:

    Keijo has become the second best fate/night rip off this season.
    I’m looking at you Soul Buster.


    Think you all missed ‘Kyo Kusa(ss)nagi’ here