Flip Flappers #12 — Repetition is the Sincerest Form of Laziness

December 22nd, 2016


Transformations for everybody!


On the upside, they animated a lot of the action this week, but on the other hand, it was pretty much all rehashes of fights against episodic villains they already defeated, and they kept cutting away to check out what was going on with the side cast, who have only become more and more extraneous to everything. There was at least one moment where they just said "screw it" to animating things and dropped in this really weird still out of nowhere. Meanwhile, just about every character is stamping their feet and either going "I deserve to own Papika because MOM" or "I deserve to own Papkia because FRIENDSHIP." Frankly, she'd be well within her rights to nuke all of them and find someone non-sociopathic to hang out with.

And what was it all building up to? Flashbacks about being friends, so friendship could save the day with yet some more FRIEEEEENDSHIP transformation crap, because why not rehash the same thing we did in like episode 1 and 2, and why only use it once when you can use it multiple times in a single episode, each time an excuse to one-shot whatever the challenge is. Repetition always makes things better, after all. As do flashbacks. So I guess they better pull a laster boss monster out of their asses next week and someone will have to job like hell to it.

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