Flip Flappers! #11 — The Flashback of 11th Hour Exposition

December 15th, 2016


What ever happened to that one girl they had an entire episode on anyway?


This episode brought to you by the department of "What a Twist!" and "Our Setting is Totally Seventy-Three Times More Complicated Than You Thought And Requires An Entire Episode of Flashback And Exposition To Explain." And yet, what it mainly accomplished for me is more or less proving that they're making all of this up on the fly, especially how they kept bringing up various side characters (yet not even all of them), who have yet to have really any involvement with the story in any way while also going on and on about how this other side character who has had nothing to do with the story so far has been the key one around which all else revolves.

Anyway, it turns out that Emo Guy is Mimi's baby daddy and Cocona's father, his father is the leader of the Happy Happy cult, Papika is a former busty nurse cosplay enthusiast, Mimi has now mind jacked Cocona 'for her own good' along with having plant and tentacle superpowers and only the bonds of friendship can set her free, and the whole thing was a quest for ULTIMATE POWER, except that Carrie-Mimi instantly destroyed all that, jacked everything, and said "screw the world." God, Japan. Would it kill one of your antagonists to just be in it for the money instead of either ultimate power or an obsession with nihilism?

Next Episode:

I hope she has enough friendship to understand the value of not being a nihilist.

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