Flip Flappers #10 — Rampant Child Exploitation

December 8th, 2016

Is there an epidemic in Japan we need to be looking into?

I can't say that I've done literally any translation work at all in the last five months, but with Eushully's no-doubt-dire-straits-at-this-point-if-they're-releasing-web-games leading them to finally get around to an actual honest to god true spiritual sequel to Kamidori next year, that's something more tempting on the horizon than anything else that's passed my eyes lately.


Time to shift to the conclusion, so it's time for things to get super extra duper weird. If I haven't made it clear, I never particularly like it when writing decides to pull the super-amnesia card, and especially when they were leaning on "the protagonist was Regular McEveryman" before. I blame Bioware abusing the hell out of that game in and game out in my formative years, Harry Potter for popularizing the hell out of it in all forms of other media, and anime abusing it for-goddamned-ever-in-goddamned-everything. I know predestiny is big in the whole culture thing, but can we please give it a rest? Every single Everyman doesn't need to have secretly been the Godchild of Destiny from birth all along.

Anyway, it was mostly an expository and flashback episode, and you know how I love those too. And since this is Japanese media, the actual amount of information conveyed can be summed up in one or two sentences. It's the standard child exploitation plus "You're an exact clone of someone I knew, and probably secretly ARE her," along with Cocona throwing another temper tantrum because Papika had another friend before her, but it turns out that friendship conquers all and grandma was a lie all along. Reminded me of Blood-C's "EVERYTHING IS A LIE AND MONSTERS ARE COMING TO BLEND YOU" twist more than anything else, only without the blending of the towfolks. They also made a ridiculously huge deal about the semantic difference between "imposing one's will upon the world" and "granting any wish." Of which there are none. Another scene well spent.

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  • anise_punterr says:

    “Cocona, inside you… is an Amorphous”

    /camera cuts to a shot of Cocona’s thighs which she pushes together

    not sure what you’re getting at here Japan