Matoi the Selfish Slayer #08 — Boob Chariot Combination Non-Attack

November 22nd, 2016


I question so much there.


About as insipid as expected from last week's nonsense. About 15 minutes of continued faffing around and padding out time, Matoi abrutly decides that she's going to fight because the only thing that matters is her and what she cares about, but supposedly it's some grand character moment because it reveals she has the will to bother putting in an effort because… she cares about daddy? As far as heroic aphorisms go, it sure ain't "With great power comes great responsibility," and it sure as hell ain't anything new for Japanese media, and since it was all predicated on absolutely nothing but a sudden bout of insecurity shaking her very core, it remains simply godawful.

 Anway, she saves the day by one-shotting the monster(s) of the week, which had transformed into some kind of bizarre dual-monster chariot by one of them expanding its breasts into wheels. Note that it didn't actually use the boob-wheels for anything. All it did after combining was belch two lasers and wait patiently for Matoi's ridiculously long sword summoning sequence before dying in one blow. Then again, all it did when it was two beasties was belch needles twice and use its boob shield to block lightning. Honestly, that was the least painful part of the episode.

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