Matoi the Idiot #07 — Crotch Urchin

November 15th, 2016

What? No ping pong while we're doing the world's most half-assed filler?


This episode was, unsurprisingly, garbage butts, and like the previous two episodes, reeks of a single episode painfully stretched out to two. You could've cut the first approximately 20 minutes out of this episode, just started in medias res with them fighting the random monster they basically tripped over (and yet still couldn't beat!) before having their asses saved by new character du jour. How wonderful is it that the previous stoic badass can no longer even triumph over random encounters, even with the help of the world's fourth most obnoxious sidekick. The rest of it was just fanservice and yet more of Matoi feeling insecure, so yeah, that's also clearly going to be the grand 'catharsis' of her character; deciding that instead of sitting on her ass and being a lump, she's going to fight for the things she cares about. You continue to pain me with this BS, Japan.

Next Episode:

TOTALLY SHOCKING, except not at all.

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